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AvW-Consulting is the consulting partner of Cheese Factories

AvW-Consulting is the consulting partner of small and medium sized cheese factories in case of

- the general production and process concept

- the evaluation of process steps

- consulting for hygienic air flow design in the production and ripening area

- consulting for non-antibiotic conservation of the cheese surface




Axel von Wardenburg is coined by his experiences he collected during the last 25 years in the dairy

and cheese industry - he started his career after he had finished his academic studies of Food

Technology at the University of Munich - Weihenstephan.

The consultative planning of complete cheese factories, the description of the different process

steps as well as the formulation of concepts for hygienic climatisation and aeration of the

production and ripening rooms in a cheese factory characterise this field of Axel´s activities.


If wanted cheese factories where Axel von Wardenburg was responsibly involved in the planning

and realisation can be named after a first personal contact.